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Create a Custom Wedding Fragrance

On your big list of to-do's before the I-do's, the bride and groom must create a wedding scent that will seal the memory of your big day forever. 

At Scented Studio, we understand the importance of having the perfect fragrance for you perfect day. That's why we offer a few different options to make the magic happen. 

The first is the Scented Journey Workshop where you will learn the history and art of perfume making. You will then take a scent personality quiz that will tell you what fragrance type you are. After the quiz, you'll smell through 22 different blends that have been compiled of all type of fragrances. We will not tell you the name of these fragrances, instead you will go based on if you truly love the scent or not and build a Perfume or Cologne out of the favorites that  you choose. You will also get to name it, too!

MAKE IT EXTRA FUN! Couples like to sometimes switch and make fragrances for each other! 

A second option would be going to our Oil Table. Here, you can explore over 500 Fragrant & Essential Oils. They are divided into categories to make it easier to choose from. You and your significant other can come in and create a Perfume or Cologne out of your favorites. A fragrance specialist will be by your side to help guide you through the different options, so don't worry! 

We also carry the option to make party favors for you guests or bridal parties. Once you and your love create a scent, we can make lotions, mists, roll-on's, or perfumes in a travel friendly size. This is a great way to make a statement at your wedding. Not only will you and you newlywed remember this day the rest of your lives, but your guests will, too!

Please send inquiries to

Put "Wedding Favors" in the subject line, and give us a description of what you wish your big day to smell like. We will work together to create an amazing fragrance that you will remember forever!