Soy Candles


All Scented Studio's® candle creations are hand-crafted! At every step, we check the quality of each and every candle and lotion to ensure you receive only the finest products available. Our candles contain all-natural cotton wicks, organic soy wax, and premium fragrant oils.  The perfect scented accent for your home, Scented Studio's® candles are available in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 31oz sizes.  They come in a variety of seasonal signature scents, from fruity Bellini to intoxicating Pink Blossom.  All are hand-blended in our Denver studio using fragrant oils and essential oils.

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Make Your Own Scent

You can make your own scented candle when you visit our Denver studio, located in Cherry Creek North.  Explore more than 400+ essential oils and fragrant oils, and combine them into a signature fragrance for any room in your home. 

Benefits of Soy Candles

  • Clean Burning

One of the biggest benefits of soy candles is how clean they burn.  Soy wax doesn't not produce the black soot like paraffin does. While some might say "no soot", it's actually "little soot". Everything that burns puts off smoke, and soy candles are no exception. However, the amount of smoke released from soy wax is so minimum, there are very few that notice it.

If you have ever had a soy wax candle in the past that did leave black soot around the jar, there are several reasons this may have happened. One explanation is it wasn't 100% soy, but rather a soy/paraffin blend. Many advertise "soy candle" have unknown blends that you may not catch unless you search deep into their site.

Another reason you see black soot could have been the use of metal wicks. While no candle made in the US has lead, they can have zinc. Zinc wicks are not toxic like lead, but they will produce more soot than cotton or hemp wicks. 

  • Cost Effective

A point which sometimes isn't included in many lists of the benefits of soy candles. Not only in quality, but in quantity too. Soy not only burns cleaner, but slower too. A soy candle can burn up to twice as long (sometimes even more!) than paraffin, giving you twice the candle.

  • Wonderful Scent Throw

When it's said that a candle scent "throws well", this means it fills the room with a strong, lasting scent. Soy wax candles not only have a great scent throw, but also have a cleaner smell. It's been noted by many that paraffin wax will give them headaches. Of course it's not the scent itself, but the additional chemicals the paraffin is putting off. Because soy burns so clean, you'll get a cleaner scent as well. 


Scented Journey® Perfume-Making Workshops

You can further discover the art of perfume-making during one of Scented Studio's™weekly perfume workshops. A certified fragrance specialist will guide you through an exploration of 22 signature Scented Journey® Scents, while you learn the principals of combining notes to make a perfume or cologne for men or women.

Find Scented Studio® in Denver

Denver's Scented Studio® perfume store is located in the beautiful Cherry Creek North Shopping District, near the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Detroit Street.  Contact us to learn more about our perfumes, colognes, online store, or about hosting your group event with us!

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