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3437 S. Broadway Englewood, CO 80113

Officially Open at NEW LOCATION!

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1. What are your store hours?

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm


2. Where are you located?

3437 S. Broadway Englewood, Colorado 80113 

Intersection of Englewood Parkway and South Broadway

Across the street from Ted's Clothiers and Breakfast Queen. Next door to Eddies Pipe & Tobacco Shop and Englewood Grand. 


3. Where do I park?

There is free street parking up to two hours, and a public parking lot behind the breakfast Queen & Ted's Clothiers that is open for anyone to park in. 


4. What is the difference between the Scented Journey Fragrance Workshop and the One-On-One Signature Perfume and Cologne Experience?

There is a vast difference between the two. Please see click on the links to read the difference. Scented Journey Workshop  or  One-on-One Signature Perfume and Cologne Experience.


5. How long does a Scented Journey Fragrance Workshop take?

We typically block out 2 hours, but it really depends on the person. Some people require a little bit more time in making their decisions.


6. How much is a Scented Journey Workshop per person?

Our 30mL bottles are $55 per person and our 100mL bottles are $75 per person. (What a deal! 3 times the amount for only $20 more!)


7. When are the Scented Journey Workshops held?

We hold them Tuesday-Friday between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Saturday-Sunday between the hours of 10am and 1pm. Please call us so we can let you know availability.


8. Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Appointments are required when doing a Scented Journey Workshop, and when doing an after-hours party. You do not need an appointment if you are coming to work off of the Oil Table during store hours. It is appreciated if you give us advanced notice if coming in to create a custom perfume off of the oil table, or if you have more than 5 people in your group.


9. Can I host a party after-hours?

Absolutely, we love hosing after-hours parties! Call, email, or click here to schedule yours today!


10. How do I schedule a Party?

Just call (303.333.3315) or email ( us so we can check our events calendar or click here to fill out an online submission.


11. How much does hosting a party at Scented Studio Cost?

With doing an after-hours party there is a $100 room fee. Included is a 2-hour block, dedicated employees, clean up and exclusive use of our space.


12. Can I bring in my own food/beverages/decorate?

Yes, please call us for more details 303.333.3315


13. How do I create my own custom fragrance?

There are 3 ways to create a custom fragrance. Please click on this link for more detailed information.


14. What products can I make my fragrance in?

Bar Soap, Bath Oil, Body Mist, Body Oil, Body Wash, Cologne, Dry Oil Spray, Foaming Hand Soap, Hand & Body Lotion, Himalayan Sea Bath Salts, Massage Oil, Oil Warmer Fragrance, Roll-On Oil, Perfume, Room Diffuser, Shea Butter Body Whip, and Sugar Scrub. Or visit our product page.


15. Do you keep my fragrance on record?

Yes. At checkout, we will ask you for a few details and file your custom fragrances under your name.


16. I have sensitive skin, what is in the product bases?

We strive to keep our bases as natural as possible. Please feel free to contact us more about each ingredient in each product.


17. Can men experience this?

Absolutely! We are just as much for men as we are for women!