Walk-In's Welcome

Come on in to our store on South Broadway anytime during our business hours to create your very own custom home, bath, or body product on our Oil Table!

We are open for Walk-In’s and are happy to help you blend an amazing new scent.

Samples of our Body Whip, Massage Oil, and Sugar Scrub are available for you to try, too!

We also keep all formulas on file so that you can always re-order in any product!

Scented Journey®

Scented Journey® Workshop

Learn the art and history of perfume making while creating your very own Perfume or Cologne.

VIP One-on-One Custom Perfume/Cologne Experience

One-on-One Custom Perfume Experience

Work One-on-One with our Fragrance Specialists to craft your own masterpiece Perfume or Cologne.

Home, Bath & Body Care

Home, Bath & Body Care

Choose from over 500 Oils to blend a scent no one else in the world has!

Create a Custom Online

Create a Custom Fragrance Online

Wherever you are, fill out our questionnaire and receive your personalized fragrance options in the mail!

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